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Do you struggle to gain your children's cooperation?

Do you worry if something doesn't change it will damage your relationship with them?

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Maybe you are tired of lashing out and KNOW that there must be a better way to communicate with your child

...but you are emotionally drained and feel at a loss.

I understand. 

The Key is Unconditional Parenting

By focusing on the relationship FIRST and building trust with your child you can move through difficult situations and stages with more ease and peace.

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What Other Parents are Saying...

I feel like you tapped into something so powerful and almost natural, yet so foreign to so many parenting classes. I just want to help bring awareness (to other parents about your course) so that other mothers can feel satisfaction, comfort, and success in parenting their children. I truly feel I hit the jackpot when I found you on Instagram." S.K.

"This course is revolutionary!! First of all, your delivery of the material was incredible. It's obvious how passionate you are and I kept wanting to hear more. You put it all together so beautifully. All I can say is "WOW". It was so informative...all parts were eye-opening... Keep doing what you're doing!" F.B

"I am loving the classes...really speaks to how I would want to parent my children. I think on some level I have already been parenting this way innately. My husband has been listening to the recordings and is absolutely obsessed. You are my hero for coming up with this course. The world would be a better place if the next generation is parented this way. I truly believe that. " Anonymous

Introducing the Essentials Course

I offer an entire perspective on how to be a kind, compassionate and effective parent who leads their child with confidence while maintaining and building a strong, loving, and healthy connection

The approach that I teach is timeless and universal and it applies to children of all ages.

Topics Covered in the Essentials parenting course

Session 1: Introduction and overview of key concepts in this parenting approach

Session 2: How our fears, anger, frustration, and emotional wounds get in the way of parenting effectively and how we can help ourselves through that

Session 3: The importance of emotions, emotional expression, connection, and empathy and how to offer it to our children

Session 4: The importance of boundaries and limits and how to set them kindly and effectively

Session 5: Children's development and reasonable expectations for every stage. Punishments and rewards.- why we DON'T use them and what to do instead

But That's Not All!

I also include a bonus Q&A session once the course is over!* 

I want to make SURE you are confident with the techniques I teach you and wanted to make sure I leave you with all your questions answered!

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