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I am here to walk with you and support you as you develop a deep connection and trust with your children.

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Do you struggle with...


Gaining your kids cooperation? 

(and feeling exasperated for lashing out yet again?)

Power struggles?

(which leaves you feeling disempowered?)

Desperately wanting connection in your parenting...

(but feeling unsure how to make it happen?)


I Understand!

Hi, I'm Blimie! I am a mom who is passionate about helping parents build relationships with their children based on respect and trust.

I used to go to sleep most nights feeling awful about the way I parented that day. I realized I was stuck in a cycle I couldn't find a way out of. And that is when I became a mom with a mission...

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How I Support You...

Essentials Parenting Course

My 5-part course covering the essentials of Unconditional Parenting.  

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Book a session with me over zoom or phone where I can support you in navigating parenting.

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Sibling Rivalry Masterclass

Watch the LIVE Recording of my Masterclass packed with helpful information on to how to navigate sibling rivalry.

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"I feel like you tapped into something so powerful and almost natural, yet so foreign to so many parenting classes.