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NVC Book Club


So much of what I practice as a parent (and a person and coach!) were skills and ideas I learned from Nonviolent Communication.

It's given me a deeper understanding of authenticity, empathy, communication, collaboration, and more.

Whether you've taken my Essentials Course or not, "Nonviolent Communication" has so much to offer you in terms of parenting (and beyond.)

Although the ideas in this book are revolutionary...

the TRUE transformation in our lives happens when we apply and practice the concepts.

In these sessions, we will do exercises that will help us apply and practice what we learn.

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From My DM's

I am so intrigued by the NVC book and classes. It's the first time I read a book and followed it up with a class and I am loving it. It really helps with the processing and application of the skills. I especially appreciate that I know how to verbally respond to so many awkward situations. I used to say "I don't know what to say!".

From My DM's

I can't believe how much wisdom and opportunity lies in this book that I totally didn't apply until the book club. The practice we do and the exercises and discussions have brought it to life. I totally feel a shift for me - I am so excited because I could now hear peoples needs and feelings. I feel confident to try NVC, which before book club was not something I even considered doing. It was more of just a nice book and not something I would do myself. I can't believe how much I've grown from it already! Thank you!

More From My DM's

I enjoyed the book club so much, it gave me such amazing food for thought. With family and my own self-awareness, it's been HUGE.

The exercises definitely make it come alive because just reading the book doesn't give you the same feel and experience.