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Parenting in a Pandemic

Learn the tools you need to parent the way you desire during challenging times.

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Last night was incredible. I truly feel like I gained so much from it. When it ended I turned to my husband and said “that was the best-used money we spent this entire quarantine”

-Parent Feedback

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Topics Covered:

  • What it means to lean in and let go
  • What to do about boredom and encouraging play
  • Including your children with chores
  • Managing sibling fights
  • Problem solving as a family
  • Spending quality time with your children in an effective and doable manner
  • Spending quality time with yourself in an effective and doable manner
  • Children meltdowns and emotions & navigating screen time
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What More Parents are Saying...

“Hi. I took your recorded Covid class and it was amazing! I have really been trying to implement a lot of what you have talked about on your page. My husband is a bit of a skeptic on gentle parenting but I think he is starting to see the beauty.”

“I really see so much changing in my home since our Covid class. Even just the understanding that kids learn to play and allowing my kids to have more freedom and space to play. I change some things (physically) in the house so they have more actual physical space to play, I let them bring toys up to their bedroom for the first time (bc we have a basement playroom and try to enforce all toys to stay there but they hate the basement so now they played in their room today and they actually played!!)

Also- I let them wear bathing suits and take a bath with bath bombs today after 15 min I was getting frustrated with all the water spilling out of the bathtub and reminded myself to “lean in and let go” and I just said to myself “it’s ok to let go of this need for the bathroom to be clean- they’re playing together.”

“The biggest victory of all was my husband saying “wow” that was the nicest exchange of words you had with our son in the past month”