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Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids: Book Club

Learn the practical ways to apply the concepts of non-violent communication into your home with your children.

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What is this book about?

Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids takes the ideas from nonviolent communication and makes them extremely practical for parenting.

It focuses a lot on gaining cooperation which is what most of us struggle to do respectfully as parents. So many of us resort to threats and bribes, or to simply letting our needs, or our children's needs for boundaries go... because we don't know how to do it without being punitive or harsh.

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  • 5 Recorded sessions with Blimie discussing the book + doing activities with a group of participants
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What Parents are Saying...

"Repetition and conversation are key to understanding and internalizing information. When I read the book there were certain points that we delved into at the club meetings that I totally would have missed. It’s a whole different perspective."

"It brings so many more concepts into consciousness, and makes it so much more digestible, making it more likely the techniques will stick."